My American Dream TV Debut

Clients and Friends,

I am excited to share with you my debut episode on American Dream TV!  

American Dream TV is a lifestyle and real estate tv show bringing you real estate trends locally and nationally each week featuring 30 major cities across the country. The mission of American Dream is to educate and inform our audience across the country with business leaders, entrepreneurs, financial experts and top producing realtors.

The American Dream is a mindset and an opportunity for those who desire to dream big, I hope you enjoy my segment. The entire episode can be found here.

Improve Your Outdoor Space... Improve Your Home's Value

Often when thinking of home improvement homeowners only think of the interior of their home.  Actually how you home is landscaped and the overall design of both your front yard and backyard can have tremendous impact on the value of your home not to mention your enjoyment.  

This episode of Real Talk For Real Estate features Landscape Architect Greg Gill of Gill-Gardens we will be discussing three key creating a beautiful outdoor space.

Why is the Real Estate market HOT???

Just like the weather the Real Estate market in Sacramento is HOT!  Why after a sluggish 1st quarter of 2019 has the real estate market has shifted into high gear???? Simply state the answer is INTEREST RATES!  Mortgage rates are below 4% for the first time in over 2 years!!  With these incredibly low rates buying a home is much more affordable than it was six months ago when rates were hovering around 5%. There has never been a better time to buy or sell to learn more Watch my video to learn more about the effect of low interest rates on the local real estate market!

Estate Planning & Trusts w/ Tyler Dahl

Estate Planning is essential to protecting the financial future for  you and your family.  I recently had the opportunity to meet with estate planning attorney Tyler Dahl from the Law Office of Tyler Q. Dahl and had him answer 5 important questions everyone needs to know about estate planning.

5 Estate Planning Questions Answered

  • What is probate?

  • How can I protect my assets from the expense of probate for my heirs?

  • What are the benefits of a trust?

  • Do I need a will and are there different types of wills?

  • What is a heath care directive and a financial porter of attorney do in need them?

If you have additional estate planning questions contact Tyler Dahl at 916 565-7455 or at He will welcome the opportunity to help you will all of your estate planning needs.

As always I am here to help you will all of your real estate needs.  

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Your Next Home Improvement Project

Your Next Home Improvement Project

Maintaining your home is essential to increasing the value of your home. Depending on the age of your home it may be time for major home improvement projects. I know many of you will take the DIY route to home improvement projects but for those of you that do not have the talent or the time to do it yourself and want to hire a contractor here are few tips to ensure the successful completion of your home improvement project.