Capital City, Sacramento is a mecca of contemporary living. Known as one of the most hipster cities of California, it’s a diverse, historic, cosmopolitan place that takes its capital status seriously: It’s the sunniest place on the planet for three months out of the year, it holds the most trees per capital in the world, and with the largest agricultural production in the nation, it’s also the Farm to Fork Capital of the state boasting a year-round growing season and central location to a wide array of farms.

Sacramento is home to the Sacramento Kings as well as a thriving arts scene, which includes the Sacramento French Film Festival, The Sacramento Music Awards, and an impressive availability of live classical music. The new Golden One Center makes Sacramento a state of the art entertainment venue showcasing the best in entertainment. Midtown is a hot-spot for boutiques, clubs, bars, and hosts an art walk on the second Saturday of every month. If you prefer the outdoors, Sacramento has it all. Here, you’re close to the mountains as well as freshwater getaways like the American River Parkway, Folsom Lake, and the Sacramento River,

With so much to see and do, Sacramento is shining through as the place to be in Northern California.